Maya Jah naan Indian restaurant Monaco

Come and enjoy the best naan of Monaco at Maya Jah!

Plain, spiced, garlic, potatoes or cheese, naan is a must for Indian meals.

Also present in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey in various variants, naan is a bread sheet made from wheat flour baked on the walls of an oven.

The cheese naan is undoubtedly the most famous and most ordered in the West in Indian restaurants.

Maya Jah in Monaco and its chef Ravinder Negi offer you delicious naans to accompany Indian dishes from the simplest to the most refined.


Dishes of the purest Indian tradition accompanied by our delicious naans in Monaco.

Very quickly, the Maya Jah became one of the best restaurants in Monaco and the best Indian restaurant on the coast.

Tasting a naan at the Maya Jah in Monaco has become a must.

It is often in the simplest realizations that the quality of a restaurant is measured.

Without a doubt, the naan of the Maya Jah in Monaco confirms this culinary rule!

We advise you to book your table at Maya Jah by phone at +377 99 99 49 49 or directly on the restaurant's website by following this link: