Maya Jah, provides a Mediterranean cuisine with oriental flavours, orchestrated by Chef Mustapha El Hajraoui, who sublimates traditional and contemporary recipes with the desire to create and surprise guests. Maya Jah reveals an elegant and delicate space allowing an escape with a thousand and one scents in two universes that complement each other harmoniously.

The decoration of this project was entrusted to an inseparable and complementary duo of interior designers, Patrick JOUIN and Sanjit MANKU. Oriental craftsmanship is given pride of place by focusing on the know-how of the craftsmen and the manual gesture, notably with the creation of a majestic central piece that combines modernism with furniture with modern and pure lines. The restaurant benefits from a covered terrace adorned with vegetation and subdued light to preserve a soft and timeless atmosphere.

The Bar welcomes you for a drink before or after your dinner in a cosy space, a pleasant interlude to enjoy a cocktail with friends and spend a pleasant evening animated by a DJ. A delicious oriental blend combined with a refined decoration makes Maya Jah the place to be for a new tasting experience in Monaco.