Like MAYA BAY located on the same Avenue, the MAYA JAH, an Indian restaurant, proposes a kitchen with exotic flavors, orchestrated by an authentic Chef, Ravinder NEGI, who sublimates traditional recipes with the " desire to create and astonish the guests.
The Maya Jah reveals an elegant and delicate space to offer you an escape to the thousand and one scents in two universes completing with harmony.
The decoration of this project was entrusted to an inseparable and complementary duo of interior architects, Patrick JOUIN and Sanjit MANKU.
Oriental workmanship is honored by focusing on craftsmen's craftsmanship and manual gesture, including the creation of a majestic central room that combines modernity with furnishings that are modern and uncluttered.
The restaurant has a covered terrace with vegetation and soft lighting to preserve a soft and timeless atmosphere.
A Bar-Room will welcome you to have a drink before or after your dinners in a cozy space, a nice parenthesis to taste a cocktail with friends and spend a pleasant evening animated by a DJ.
A delicious oriental blend of refined decoration will make the Maya Jah a must for a new taste experience in Monaco.

Valet parking in the evening.